Data Protection and Privacy Statement in relation to Youth Clubs

Leixlip Youth Premises Group (LYPG) (also known as ‘Leixlip Youth and Community Centre’) is committed to protecting your privacy and making sure any information we retain complies with data protection law, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). LYPG takes protecting your privacy seriously and takes all reasonable steps to ensure your information is secure.

This statement explains how we collect, store and handle your personal data. This statement maychange from time to time as we review our policies.

What Information we Collect and Why
We may collect personal data from individuals to help make sure our youth clubs run smoothly. In this section we try to explain what information we collect and why.

Staff/Volunteers /Board of Directors

  • Staff may have provided financial details, for the purposes of setting you up as an employee on our payroll system and setting you up for tax purposes. We need these details to process your salary, payment, tax deductions or donation.
  • Staff/Volunteers /Board of Directors may provide PPSN or Garda Vetting information. In general this type of information is sought and retained to comply with legal requirements.
  • Staff/Volunteers /Board of Directors may have provided education and employment background details to us. This is to ensure that they can have the skills and expertise to contribute to the services provided by LYPG.

Young People
We recognise the need to collect as little data as possible from young people as recommended by the Data Protection Commission. We also acknowledge the need to collect data from young people to ensure that we can provide an enjoyable, inclusive and safe space for all youth club members. In
some cases our funders may require information on the age and gender profiles of the young people attending our services.

As an example, we will collect the following information for the following reasons:

  • Age – this is to make sure you will be put into the correct youth club
  • Address – our service is only open to young people living in Leixlip or going to school in Leixlip
  • Health or medical information – we collect information in relation to specific medical needs or allergies to ensure we fulfil our duty of care in relation to young people attending our service and that we can provide an enjoyable, inclusive and safe space for all youth club members.
  • We may also, from time to time, take photographs of young people participating in our services.  Consent is sought from parents on the initial registration form for this.


  • We request emergency contact details from all parents/guardians of young people attending our services.
  • Any other personal details you may choose to give us, such as your name, email, phone number and address, so that we can keep in touch with you.
  • We may also let you know about other ways you could get involved with our services, whether that’s through volunteering, campaigning, events, fundraising initiatives or educational/training activities.
  • When you give us your details it will always be made clear what we are going to do with it.

How we collect data:

  • Paper and electronic youth club registration forms and membership enquiry forms as well as waitlists contain personal data.
  • In relation to staff/volunteers/Board of Directors, we may collect data from you directly, for example, Employment Application Forms, CVs, Consent Forms, Confidentiality Forms, Training/Programme Applications & Evaluation Forms, Payroll and Time Management System.

Who has access to your data
The Youth Leader and Youth Club Administrator have access to the full membership form and certain details, such as phone numbers, are shared with other youth club leaders as required.

How do we protect your data

  • We do not transfer your personal data to anyone without your written permission.
  • Paper files are kept in a locked filing cabinet.
  • Electronic files are kept in a password encrypted folder.
  • We are currently reviewing our ICT procedures and will update this statement with further information as necessary.

How Long We Keep Your Information For
We keep personal information for different lengths of time dependent on the purpose.

  • Leixlip Youth and Community Centre has decided to keep data provided through application forms for Youth Club membership for two years. Retaining this data for two years ensures that members will be able to avail of our youth club services.

Who We Share Your Personal Information With
Your information will be kept confidential to Leixlip Youth Premises Group. The information we gather and retain is shared strictly on a need to know basis within the youth club service provided by LYPG.

  • Sometimes we may need to share your information with external organisations e.g. the submission of a child protection notification to TUSLA.

Your Right to Your Information
You have the following rights under data protection law:

  • the right to know what personal information we have about you
  • the right to make changes to how you hear from us
  • the right to ask us to stop processing or to remove personal information (unless we are required to retain it under funder or legislative requirements).
  • the right to ask for a copy of the information we have.

For further information on your rights you can also contact the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office to find out more about types of personal information, its usage and your rights, or to report a concern.

November 2022