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Papillion Healing and Mindfulness






🦋Mindfulness for Life weekly classes take place at the Centre on Monday evenings

Book through www.facebook.com/papillonhealingandmindfulness/

Papillion Healing and Mindfulness is a service provided by Danielle Scanlon, a healing therapist and Mindfulness facilitator. This service provides courses in Mindful meditation, Mindful parenting and Stress Management and Mindful Living


Many of us in the modern world are unhappier than we need to be, and Mindfulness offers a solution that works. Science and clinical practice have ‘discovered’ the profound potential of Mindfulness-based practices for increasing our wellbeing.

Mindful practices can assist in lowering blood pressure, lowering anxiety and depression levels, reducing insomnia, reducing stress levels and increasing our levels of peace and happiness, plus so much more. I, and previous students, have found it so beneficial to our lives and so easy to do, once you know how to.

Mindfulness is the art of becoming aware of things as they are rather than as we wish they were, with a sense of gentleness and kindness, rather than judging ourselves, as we so often do.

This ten week course will teach you Mindful practices such as:

– Mindful breathing meditation
– Guided meditations
– Self awareness
– Mindful walking meditation
– The attitude of gratitude
– Mindful Eating
– Becoming present to the Mindful moment your life
– Creating a nourishing, compassionate relationship with yourself
– Creating a deeper sense of peace, calm and relaxation

This event will be facilitated by Danielle Scanlon, a Mindful Meditation Facilitator and Healing Therapist since 2014. This course is open to all, experienced, novices, and the curious.

What we do

Leixlip Youth and Community Centre provides a purposes built centre for the youth and community of Leixlip. The centre provides a youth room, community hall, kitchen facilities and rooms to rent to the youth and community.

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By: Rashid Azar