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Stepping Stones Transition Programme for 6th Class Students


Stepping Stones Transition Programme


Stepping Stones is a transition programme which has been in place with Kildare Youth Services since 1999. The Transition Programme aims to assist Young People in their transition from Primary to Secondary Level Education. This can be a challenging time for some young people but due to Covid19, young people this year may face extra struggles.  We feel it is more vital than ever to run our Transition Programme due to young people not getting the chance to finish 6th class in the school setting and with the uncertainty that Covid19 brings.

The programme this year will consist of a weekly online group for 6 weeks, starting the week of June 8th. There will also be the opportunity for young people to meet in person, as soon as restrictions allow and have a 1st Year weekly group in September to support young people as they enter secondary school. The aim of this group will be to support young people with issues as they arise in second level education.

The programme is designed for young people who may find the Transition process difficult and may need additional support during this period. The online sessions will focus on building confidence, fears around secondary school, building positive friendships, bullying and how to manage yourself in your new school. There will also be a focus on how young people cope with 6th class ending in a different way to usual due to Covid19.

If you are interested or want to know more about the programme contact,

Erica Mulread on 087-1247576 or Mars Blake on 083-1755953.

Emails – erica.mulread@kys.ie or mars.blake@kys.ie

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