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Friday Mindfulness and Meditation 16 & 23 Mar

Mindfulness is the art of becoming aware of things as they are rather than as we wish they were, with a sense of gentleness and kindness, rather than judging ourselves, as we so often do.

Friday morning Mindfulness is an introduction to Mindful practices such as:

– What is Mindfulness?
– Mindful breathing meditation
– Guided meditations
– Mindful walking meditation
– The attitude of gratitude
– Encouraging a nourishing relationship with yourself
– Creating a deeper sense of peace, calm and relaxation

These Mindful practices will help us learn to approach our life with a Mindful smile :). Mindful practices can help with reducing insomnia, reducing stress and anxiety levels and increasing our levels of peace and happiness, plus so much more. A truly great addition to your week.

This event will be facilitated by Danielle Scanlon, a Mindful Meditation Facilitator and Healing Therapist since 2014. This course is open to all, experienced, novices, and the curious.

Cost is €30.00 for two weeks or €20.00 for one week, payable on the first morning. Contact me for more information or to book your place. Booking is essential. Looking forward to hearing from you.




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By: Rashid Azar